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The Route4U Smart Accessibility Plan


For many our world is a labyrinth. We think as a minimum they deserve a map. The plan is to make

physical accessibility transparent globally.

While full accessibility is not always possible, showing the working alternatives can effectively help people with reduced mobility live a full, happy and productive life.

People with reduced mobility represent more than 40% of the population. 2% of the population needs a wheelchair and their number is doubling every decade.

The technology is available to provide an instant, cost-efficient, customized solution.

Volunteers, local businesses, property managers, enterprises and cities join forces to create a global accessibility map as they have recognized that it is good for society, good for business, and people with reduced mobility deserve it.

Show your commitment to free mobility and inspire others to do the same!



Show that you are proactive and caring, save costs on infrastructure developments, enhance tourism, get smart city analysis, save on adult social care costs, campaign with a highly positive content and shape the attitude of the majority by catalyzing the change.

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Property managers

Universities, medical centres, shopping malls, offices, airports...

Enhance the level of your services and make them more desirable for employees, students, tenants, customers and visitors. Have your properties surveyed, listed and featured on map. Provide your clients with a virtual tour of the buildings, show the accessibility of the surrounding sidewalks, crossings and service providers.



Show the world you care! Motivate your corporate employees and customers to provide information on accessibility by acknowledging such efforts and offering rewards and incentives. You will be rewarded by a lot of earned media and a greatly positive brand image.

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Benefit from a constantly growing number of offerings of our partners according to your collected points and badges. You only have to invest a few minutes to provide real life accessibility information on streets and places in our app.


Local businesses

Get featured on map and get certified to show the world that you care while benefiting from more customers. Self-survey and show the accessibility of your business and its surroundings.

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Wheelchair and pram users

Best aid for our mobility since the invention of the wheelchair!

Benefit from the greatest freedom in mobility ever. Use our app to find the accessible routes most comfortable for you, find the best accessible places and navigate on sidewalks from door to door. We show almost 800.000 accessible places globally and already have several thousand km of sidewalks mapped. By using the app, you also contribute.

Route4U Smart Accessibility partners. Join the club now!

Join as friend as simple as agreeing with our initiative and signing up here!

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what partners say


Flick Drummond
Member of Parliament
United Kingdom


Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky
Deputy Mayor Budapest


Krisztina Kovacs,
ELTE University
Disability Center


Sándor Finta
Principal architect


Kinga Márton-Máthé
National Director
Hungarian Tourism Agency


Dr. Marie-Theres Thiell
elmű-émász – Part of innogy

  • The app sounds really great. What I’m excited about is that Portsmouth is reasonably accessible and this app will show that. It will also encourage shops to become accessible as they will be able to see that others are.
  • Route4U makes everyday life easier for people with limited mobility. This initiative has a very strong community aspect. This is one of the elements, which have made it extremely attractive to us.
  • Route4U gives self-sufficiency and the freedom of movement to students in active or electric wheelchairs. It is expanding the limits.
  • Route4U strives to make the use of public spaces democratic for all people. This is the world's first route planner, which provides navigation for wheelchair and pram users, using the data of sidewalks, crossings and public transportation. Route4U is really filling a gap and it must stimulate responsible municipality decision makers to act.
  • The Hungarian Tourism Agency welcomes the inititative, since accessible tourism is more and more important in our operation. Although we have seen significant progress in infrastructural accessibility, full accessibility is not realistic in the short term. However, Route4U's solution is a perfect tool to provide accessible, working alternatives, providing a sort of informational accessibility.
  • When thinking about new urban solution services for the future Innogy is not forgetting about handicapped people. Route4U is a great tool to make infrastructural services easier accessible for those who have difficulties getting there.

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