Route4U - Smart accessibility

Smart accessibility

The fastest and most efficient way to integrate people with limited mobility

process 2

relevant information

Accessibility map of sidewalks, crossings and PoIs

Route4U's technology creates accessibility maps in a fast and cost efficient way. Web and mobile applications help municipalities to communicate about accessibility in a positive context and give the highest possible support for wheelchair users. Route4U's automated technology keeps the map up-to-date .

process 3

effective, efficient infrastructure

Modelling the traffic of wheelchair users on the surveyed area and collecting automatic and manual feedback from users, Route4U can identify efficient and effective infrastructural development opportunities, where a small investment can lead to the highest possible improvement in accessibility for the whole network.

process 2

inclusive attitude

Sensitising and awareness raising campaigns in cooperation with municipalities are an integral part of Route4U's complex approach to accessibility. This is a cost efficient way to communicate municipality results and to form the attitude of owners of formerly unaccessible shops, hotels or restaurants.

route survey

Initial survey of the pedestrian infrastructure in the area

place survey

Surveying the most important service providers in the area


Updating map by collected user data


Free access of the map on mobile applications for end-users


Accessibility navigation on the surveyed area


Supporting efficient infrastructural decisions


Continuous monitoring of the state of pedestrian infrastructure


Communication to people with limited mobility, service providers and majority society


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what clients say


Sándor Finta
Principal architect


Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky
Deputy Mayor Budapest


Kinga Márton-Máthé
National Director
Hungarian Tourism Agency

  • Route4U strives to make the use of public spaces democratic for all people. This is the world's first route planner, which provides navigation for wheelchair and pram users, using the data of sidewalks, crossings and public transportation. Route4U is really filling a gap and it must stimulate responsible municipality decision makers to act.
  • Route4U makes everyday life easier for people with limited mobility. This initiative has a very strong community aspect. This is one of the elements, which have made it extremely attractive to us.
  • The Hungarian Tourism Agency welcomes the inititative, since accessible tourism is more and more important in our operation. Although we have seen significant progress in infrastructural accessibility, full accessibility is not realistic in the short term. However, Route4U's solution is a perfect tool to provide accessible, working alternatives, providing a sort of informational accessibility.

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